Please remember that picture days are always hectic and we appreciate your patience. Please review the following items to help the process go more smoothly. Thank you!

Please be on time, dressed and ready!

Please be on time, dressed and ready to go at your dance hour. We would like to shoot the group shot at the beginning of class. To keep us on schedule, we can only wait on those not present for 15 minutes. If you will not be coming, please call and let us know so we don't wait. Thank you!

Have your child dressed and ready in their ballet/jazz costume first, unless specified otherwise by your teacher. Please have hair and makeup already fixed as well - you will thank yourself!

Remember to bring ALL costumes and accessories! We will be making group shots of all costumes.

Spray Painting Shoes

We only require shoes to be painted if necessary due to costume color. Please paint your shoes at least one week before pictures. We cannot allow shoes with wet paint in the studio.

We will be selling Brillo Color Spray within our offices for $9 a can. To paint your shoes, stuff them with newspaper and give them two light coats of paint. Remember to allow plenty of drying time.

Remember, patent leather shoes do not paint well. If you have patent leather shoes, NuLife has a product called Shoe Preparer that you apply before painting that helps tremendously. Please inquire at shoe stores or repair shops.

Order Forms and Payment

Familiarize yourself with the photographer’s order sheet. Know what you want and have your check and order sheets filled out before you approach our table. You will need one sheet filled out for every picture that you would like to buy. They will keep the sheet at time of photograph to write the negative or digital number on it.

The photographer does ask that you pay in full at the time of the order. Please make sure that your form is stamped "PAID" before entering the photography room.

Click here to view order forms.

Hair and Makeup

Remember, these are your pictures! You may style your child's hair and makeup however you wish. We recommend applying enough makeup to ensure your dancer's face is not washed out by the flash. 

Makeup Pictures

If you are absent on the day of your class pictures, you may come on another day of the week for your individual pictures or attend picture makeup day.

Makeup pictures will be held Friday, April 19th, 2019 at our Trussville studio. Makeup pictures are by appointment only. Please give our Trussville office a call at 205-655-7776 to schedule your appointment.

No Cameras Allowed

The photographer’s policy does not allow ANY cameras in the photography room. You may take as many as you would like in the dressing room.

Ordering Additional Pictures

Pictures will be available shortly after picture week. If you would like to order additional prints or a digital copy, click here.