Classes Offered:

Combo: Ballet/Jazz & Tap
Hip Hop
Danceline Prep
Pageant Training


Class Size

We close each of our classes at 16 students. More often than not, classes usually end up with 12-14 students per class. If you are not pleased with the size of your child’s class, you may request a different class before November. (After November, costumes have been ordered.) Remember, most classes have student/assistant teachers. Classes with less than 8 may be discontinued, however replacement classes would be given.

Class Attire

We do require the following in all classes:

1. Hair must be worn up and pulled back. 
2. Dance attire only please. Your child cannot stretch or do required exercises in street clothes. 
3. For ballet classes we do require form fitting dance wear and tights in order to see the dancer’s body alignment and their knees. Teachers cannot make the proper corrections for your child without viewing these areas. This is very important for your child’s progress.
4. Proper shoes must be worn for the class in which you are enrolled.

Class Placement

We thank you in advance for trusting us with your child’s class placement. The month of September is used for evaluating each student to ensure that they are in the proper level. The analysis of a student’s abilities and progress is best left to an experienced teacher. Therefore, class placement is solely at the discretion of your child’s teacher. If you have reasons to doubt your class recommendation and placement, please email Kelley at with your reasons for concern. After your teacher reviews, they will email you in return with the final decision. Again, we sincerely try to do what is best for each dancer.


Regular attendance is necessary for your child to feel confident about routines and dance level. However, if you’re absent due to sickness, holidays, weather or vacation, you may attend a makeup lesson. Tuition is divided equally over nine months, therefore we cannot prorate. However, if for any reason you do not receive a full month of lessons you may attend a makeup lesson.

Class Change or Withdrawal

If you have a class change you must complete a class change/withdrawal form in the office immediately. If this withdrawal happens before November 1st, we will gladly prorate any tuition and costume fees after the date of your notification. If you withdraw after November 1st, you will be financially responsible for the costume payments. Tuition will be prorated from the date on your withdrawal form.

Not attending class does not constitute withdrawal. Withdrawals must be signed off on in writing by the parent. Thank you for your cooperation.

Early Dismissal

To help with the crowded waiting room and parking all hour long classes will always dismiss 5 minutes early. For example, if your class begins at 4:30, the teacher will let the class out at 5:25. This does not apply to 45 minute classes.

Waiting Room Crowding

The waiting room WILL be crowded during the beginning of the year and also during observation, picture and party weeks. Please know that it does not stay overcrowded. We do recommend that you take advantage of this time to run errands, go to the library or grocery shop, etc.