We do not observe all school holidays. Please refer to our calendar page.

Bad Weather

The studios USUALLY close if the Trussville City or Blount County school systems close or cancel after school activities. Our decision will be posted on Facebook before the day's classes begin, as well as texted out via Remind and left on our outgoing phone message. So please like us on Facebook, sign up for Remind texts, or give us a call when in doubt!

Due to quickly developing weather and the volume of students, there cannot be individual cancellation calls. Please remember that you are welcome to attend a makeup lesson!


Twice a year we have a party the last half of the lesson. If you would like bring refreshments, there will be a sign up sheet on the back of your studio door. If your child has a food allergy you must be present to monitor what your child might eat.

Younger children may wish to wear their Halloween costumes for Halloween parties, and pajamas for Christmas parties! Please remember there is no dance on Halloween. Check the calendar for the dates of the Halloween and Christmas parties.

Christmas Party.jpg


We do not schedule “formal” Valentine's Day parties for the classes. However, the students may bring cards to distribute to their classmates at the end of their class during the week prior to Valentine's Day. Please address cards to “dance friend” instead of by name. This saves class time and makes it easier for the teachers when passing out cards.

Christmas Parades

The students really enjoy being in these parades, so you may wish to make plans to attend. Classes whose average age is 9 and up will be marching in the Christmas parade. We do require that parents of students ages 8 and under to please walk with their children. You may want to bring decorated wagons or battery powered riding toys for the younger students to ride in when they become tired. Also bring plenty of wrapped candy; they enjoy throwing it out to the spectators along the parade route.

We wear blue jeans, a red sweatshirt (decorated or not), and a Santa hat. This allows our students to look uniform at a minimum expense. Please check the calendar page for dates. We hope you can join the fun!

Oneonta Christmas Parade.jpg

Studio Upkeep

We have tried to create nice studios, please help us maintain them! We appreciate your cooperation in:

1. Not allowing children to play with the blinds.
2. Not allowing children to litter (both inside and out).
3. Not allowing children to play, eat, drink, draw or color on any waiting room furniture. 

Trussville Parking

We suggest you take advantage of our circular drive. It is designed so that your child can enter and exit on the passenger side. However, please do not block or park in this drive.

It is important that you do not park on the building side of the street in front of the studio. Rescue vehicles could not service our building if the need were to arise. 

We kindly request that Trussville parents also refrain from parking in the Nelm's and Nona Ruth's parking lots across the street. Thank you!

Lost and Found

Please put your child’s name clearly labeled in all shoes and dance bags. Items left may be placed in our lost and found, however, Miss Kelley's cannot be responsible for any items that are lost, stolen, or left behind.