Please review the following guidelines before searching our schedules and know that some classes may be added as needed. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call. We thank you for considering Miss Kelley's!

1. If you are a former student, your last year's teacher will be happy to make a class recommendation for you. We highly suggest this for older students.

2. All teachers use the month of September to monitor class placement to ensure that each student is properly placed.

3. The abbreviation "combo" stands for our combination class which includes tap, ballet and jazz.

4. Be sure to search the classes adjacent to your class when searching for other subjects for your child or siblings. We strongly encourage adding on an additional hour of ballet to your combination class. Remember multiple classes receive our discount. You only pay full price on the first class!

5. The student(s) must be the age of the class by December 1st in order to be placed in that class. We are sorry but no exceptions can be made.

6. Preschool classes are for ages 2 1/2 through a young 5 year old.

7. Our 4-6 year old classes are suggested for older 4 year olds through younger 6 year olds. Likewise for our 5-7 year old classes.

8. Please note the years of dance shown at the bottom of a class are just an estimate. As your dancer grows, placement is more about their level than the number of years in dance. These number of years are only used as a guideline

9. Please remember that your dancers' self confidence and self esteem are being developed just like their dance ability. Some children are not capable of perceiving a level misplacement. They will only know that dance is not "fun," if placed in a different class that same child could have thrived.

10. Please remember sometimes it takes trying several classes before finding the correct level, again the teachers will help you to determine what is the best fit for your child. We truly have each dancer's best interest at heart!