Each year we have a program book, similar to a school annual. Many parents wish to have their child's individual picture featured in the book. Your recital fee includes one free program book per family. Additional ones can be purchased for $10 on recital day.

Ad Prices

Full Page IN COLOR: $170

Full Page: $120

Half Page: $75

Quarter Page: $50

Ad Sales

Families or businesses can sponsor program book ad pages. This is a tax deductible business expense. Some students like to sell the ads throughout the year. 

Multiple Children

Siblings and friends can share an ad for no additional cost, but we cannot allow more that five students per ad. When completing the program ad for multiple children, please try to list the children’s names in the order they were during the photograph. For example sometimes it is best to list names left to right such as Mary Jones, Susie Smith, Amanda Robbins and Sara Johnson. This helps us to identify them for the program.

Specialty Ads

Specialty ads are ads that feature more than one picture within the same ad. This can only be done on full page ads. Other size ads are simply not big enough for this to work. There is an extra $10.00 charge for a specialty ad.  If interested in this format please write across the top your form.

Supplying Your Own Picture

You may provide your own picture for use in our program book. You may email the picture to susan@misskelleys.com. The printer may refuse the picture based on the quality of the image.

Remember, program book ad forms are due by Tuesday, April 30th! Thank you!