Solos, Duets, Trios…

How much are specialty numbers?

Charges for specialty numbers will be posted in March. These prices include 5 hours, which may be divided up however you wish. Any additional time past this amount is considered a private lesson, and will be charged as such. Prices are as follows, in addition to a $20 music editing fee.

Solo - $300
Duet - $200 (per dancer)
Trio - $175 (per dancer)
Quartet - $150 (per dancer)

When & how do I pick costumes and music?

All music and costumes must be approved by Kelley because these cannot be repeated within 5 years of each other. Because class music and scenes come first, specialty number music or costumes cannot be claimed until the first of November.

When do I take my picture in my specialty number costume?

During a class’ hour, the individual and group shots of those students are priority, given that it is their own class time. If you wish to take a picture in your specialty costume, you may do so any day of the week, but you MUST come before the first class of the day or after the last class of the night is over. You are also more than welcome to schedule an appointment on makeup picture day.

Which show(s) will I perform in?

Due to recital time restrictions, the following rules apply: Students must be at least 11 years old with 5 years of dance and perform a duet, trio, etc. before they may perform a solo.

Only level 4 seniors may perform in all 3 shows. Other level 4 and level 3 students may perform in 2 shows. Level 2, level 1, and pre-level students will perform in 1 show. Which show(s) they perform in will be drawn at random by the level students themselves. Non-level students will perform in the show in which their class performs.

Can I project photos during my performance at recital?

If a student wishes to have a projection displayed behind their specialty number, they must scan and email the photos (or provide a jump drive) to by the first of May. Cost for creating videos and use of projector are as follows:

1-2 photos - $20
3-10(max) photos - $35

*You must have the entire stage to be able to project behind your number. This cannot be guaranteed for any student until after the lineup is complete. If you do not receive the full stage, remember that the partial stage is still bigger than our regular studios.